LightStone Corp.

LightStone Corp. was established in March 1995 by Koh Yong-Mo and Hiroshi Nojo. Our business is to import and distribute software in Japan. We consider that it is also important to provide high-quality service, such that are provided by the developers, while keeping users' perspective. Hence, one of our policies is to localize and distribute software with the services. Currently, we distribute Origin, MAXQDA, Diamond, Endeavour, ICDD, EViews, Stata and other products.

We are providing not only these software packages but also technical services such as customization, training and technical support so that the users can use them easily. The trainings are provided for Origin, EViews and Stata. By providing these trainings, we are spreading the usage of these software and supporting the research community in Japan.

LightStone Corp. is also application developer for Japan's institutes, universities and companies.

With over 25 years of experience for developing and distributing software, we have acquired a distinguished reputation for our service.

We will continue these efforts and services towards researchers and scientists in Japan.

Update: June/2021

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2-5-12 Higashi-kanda
Ryukakusan Bldg. 7th Floor
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0031, Japan

Tel +81-3-3864-5211
Fax +81-3-3865-0050