LightStone Corp.

Corporate Philosophy

We provide solutions that improve the productivity of engineers and researchers involved in research and development.


Our company was established in March 1995 with the desire to provide software that is valuable to engineers and researchers active in Japan, along with professional technical support in their home language.
Thinking that the convenient tool (stone) that humans first got is software that is a convenient tool for us today, we combined this with wisdom and inspiration (light), and this is the origin of the company name Lightstone. This idea has been consistent since our establishment as our philosophy, but due to customer requests and changes in the world, we are not limited to software and technical support, but also a wide range of total including hardware, seminars, customization, etc. We are providing it as a solution.

Most of the products we handle are developed in Europe and the United States. There are many pioneering professional software and services in Europe and the United States, and they are offered at reasonable prices. Many of them are developed primarily by experienced researchers in research positions at universities. Initially, the software was simply created for my own research so that data processing could proceed smoothly, but by repeatedly upgrading the version and creating a user interface firmly, it has reached a level where it can be sold as a product. Functions and values ​​are added. They are also actively involved in product development, technical support and seminars, and quickly reflect user needs in their products.
At Lightstone, we believe that it is our mission to provide technical support that is not inferior to that, and to reflect Japanese processing and the needs of Japanese customers in our products. We believe that it is the goal and our joy of all employees to provide excellent solutions that are valuable to many researchers and to contribute to research and development.

As a result of our activities as described above, we have succeeded in increasing sales every year and we are receiving gratitude from both users and developers. All of the overseas developers who are considering selling your products in Japan, if you leave the distributing to us, we will try hard to sell and support to get good results. Let's open up the Japanese market together.
We look forward to hearing from you!

January 2024
President/CEO Hiroshi Nojo

Office Location

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2-5-12 Higashi-kanda
Ryukakusan Bldg. 7th Floor
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0031, Japan

Tel +81-3-3864-5211