Greetings from the President/CEO

It marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of Lightstone Corp in 2015.
We have been distributing the packaged software for scientific market in Japan since foundation.

I think the software and manual should be localized into Japanese because many users are too busy to learn how to operate it in English. Actually, we localized many softwares packages into Japanese. And the number of users is increasing.

To localize the software and manuals, we need the developers help. And many developers are helping us as strong partners. Developers are truly an expert and have a wealth of knowledge about the applications and markets. Therefore, the high level technical support and training can be provided.
We Lightstone corp. make efforts to provide the high level sevices such as technical support and trainings like the developers do. Also, consulting service is provided by us.

By localizing the software and manuals and providing the service, Japanese users learn how to use the software easily. As a result, a lot of users use the software we are distributing.

We have training room in our office so that the users can learn how to operate the softwares. Many users come to our trainings and we always discuss the customers applications and thier demands.

I let our staffs go to school to get skills and knowledge.
Our goal is that more users in Japan use the software and we want to build strong partnership between the developrs.

We are always happy to start new business relationship with software developers.

Hiroshi Nojo
President and CEO