Our Teamwork Guidelines

We are striving to improve the following "five powers".

1. Ability to communicate

Be conscious of "giving a cheerful and energetic greeting" and "attention to grooming, wording, and behavior." Greetings are the basis of communication, and when people come into contact with each other, greetings are exchanged first, and grooming and behavior should be learned as business etiquette. I think these things can be done with our own efforts. And by being interested in the work of colleagues, we can share wisdom, share experiences, come up with ideas, etc., so that one employee does not respond to the customer but helps the customer as a team. And listen carefully to the customer's story. We always listen to our customers, respect their feelings and strive to understand them. We would like to increase the number of exhibitors at exhibitions, increase opportunities to interact with customers, and listen to customers.

2. Ability to think from the customer's point of view

We want to share customer's issues and solve them together. Ideally, we should think about what we need to do and what we can do from the customer's point of view, and provide services for solutions with a focus on wisdom. We ask our customers about us, our products, our services, and we act in the interests of our customers, how they feel. The profit of the customer is not only the profit of money, but also the profit of being a user of our company and the profit that makes us feel good to use our service. We provide professional technical support and provide seminars and training with experienced staff. We have plans for our users, such as holding workshops by users who have been using it for a long time and are familiar with software and experts. When we talk to our customers about our products and services, we listen carefully to what they like and what they are dissatisfied with, and think about how we can improve them. We will continue to provide many new products and services in the future. And we want to be a partner trusted by our customers.

3. The power to grow ourself

We strive to increase our knowledge and skills in order to provide our ideal service. We also has an employee education program. It is natural to acquire skills in specialized fields that are directly related to work such as data analysis, statistics, and computers, but we also encourage you to acquire qualifications and certification exams that are not related to work. It can be anything. I also think it is important to acquire skills that cannot be measured, rather than exams. Generally, it is said by expressions such as "__ power" and "__ ability". It's like questioning or setup. This kind of thing cannot be measured by passing or failing the test. Obtaining a qualification or passing a certification exam is an immediate evaluation, but I think that skills such as "__ power" are gradually evaluated over time and lead to trust. I want each and every employee to create their own specialty and acquire their strengths. You can look back at yourself at the milestones, see that you are growing / changing little by little, and feel that the small stacks are growing big over a long period of time.

4. Responsibility for developers and business partners

We definitely deliver goods, delivery dates and quantities to our business partners. This is natural, but even if something unexpected happens, it is difficult to overcome it and keep the promise. I will make an effort for that. The developers of the packaged software we provide are overseas. If we are a good partner for the developer, we can reflect the opinions and requests of Japanese users in our products. Therefore, we would like many Japanese customers to use the software and inform us of their requests regarding functions. Furthermore, we respect and protect the copyrighted work of the developer. Books, catalogs, manuals, sample data and figures using them are translated and provided to Japanese users after performing formal procedures and procedures.

5. Ability to create corporate value and product value

Since our founding, we have been translating software into Japanese and creating guidebooks. Recently, we don't think that Japanese localization is essential, but even so, we think about what we can do to make the product easy for customers to use, and if necessary, Japanese localization of software, a guide. You have to keep creating books. By improving the skills of our employees, we are confident that the power of each and every employee will become a new power of the company, leading to the provision of services that are useful to our customers, and as a result, Lightstone will become a valuable company for our customers.