Introduction of "Multi-Sigma" AI platform - Drive innovation in your Research & Development with AI

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By combining AI with experimental design, it has become possible to significantly improve R&D efficiency and explore new solutions. "Multi-Sigma" is an AI analytics platform available with minimal data and cost, and without any programming skills.

1. What is the innovative experimental design "Multi-Sigma"?
2. Features:
  - Neural network analysis
  - Bayesian optimization
3. Case studies:
  - Engineering - process improvement
  - Agriculture - crop yield prediction
  - Chemistry - materials informatics
  - Medical science - disease risk assessment
  - Sales - sales forecasting, factor analysis
  - Spectrum data analysis
  - Image analysis combined with Multi-Sigma
4. Demonstration: Optimization of artificial heart design parameters
5. Q&A

Kotaro Kawajiri (Ph.D. in Engineering)

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